Landing Pages Designer

My First Landing Page


  1. Download the last version of LPD.
  2. In your Joomla administrator, go to the "Extensions" menu, "Install/Uninstall", select the extension in your computer and click on "Upload File & Install".


Create new Landing Page

LPD1You could use the item "My First Landing Page" to start using this template. Just go to Components->Landing Pages Designer->Items and then select the item you want to copy and click on "Copy" icon.

Inside your new item you will find the editor box on the middle left and a group of slider tabs on the right:

  1. Author publishing status: Information about the Joomla! user that create the item, Author Alias, Access Level, Created Date, Start Publishing Date and Finish Publishing Date.LPD2
  2. Metadata Information: Fields to configure metadata (Description, Keywords, Robots, Author).
  3. Custom CSS Style: In this field you can set css style for each item or override the template css. Use "!important" command in this field to override your Joomla! template css.
  4. Custom JavaScript: In this field you can add javascript code for each item.LPD3
  5. Google Analytics: Google Analytics script is added before </head> tag.
  6. Google Website Optimizer: In this tab you could find three fields:
    1. Control Script and Tracking Script: These fields are used for Google Website 
    2. LPD4Optimizer test A/B.
    3. Conversion Script: This field is used for Google registers the conversions. Configure this field only if your are using this item like a conversion page, not a landing page.